Did you ever hear about a site called JP18? I am pretty sure you did. I did, too. But to be honest I never paid to much attention to the Japanese porn market as Japanese porn is to funny for me. I mean, you see those ugly Japanese stunt cocks with the most gorgeous Japanese girls in the same bed and instead of getting it on with sensual and erotic fun they make all the time go away by playing with fancy high-tech vibrators and giggling. That’s ridiculous! Ever since I got bored with it I lost any interest in JAV.
Now, JP18 is a bit different from the typical giggling and short time sex site. JP18 is the cream of the top of Japanese porn. It’s big and it’s good as it shows the most beautiful Japanese porn actresses in action in Okinawa. Yes, it’s true most of Japanese porn is shot on Okinawa and not in Tokyo as other sites might suggest.

Jp18 Nancy Ho
Thai model Nancy Ho is featured on JP18 galleries

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