Even dark skinned Filipina beauties like busty Jen from The Philippines do get those lovely tanlines when exposed to the sun for longer time. Her white boob skin is amazingly soft and moist. Care to hold her large boobs in your hands? What a dream!

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Being single as a Philippine milf ain’t as easy unless you are as practical as sexy Rose. She overcomes her hardships by pising as a model for her chatroom customers whenever they come to visit her for speed dates.


The Manila Cafe has long been a hotspot for speed dating. The watering hole is filled with ladies like Che who lounges around the aisles with a bottle of San Miguel Light beer while jamming her feet to hardrock beats. Talking to her ‘hey there, wanna play?’ caused her to reply with a one-night stand as a reward.

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Very intimate portrait of a pregnant Filipina maid who’s breasts are growing bigger by the minute. Carmen sits down a wooden chair to expose her total beauty while biting her lips.

It has become very calm and flow of new Filipina nudie talent is limited to just a couple of sites that keep using the same girls all over and over. Recently, I stumbled upon a bit of a newer website: PI Monger. It’s a Philippine sex guide for tourists and expats who share their girlie […]