Angeles City bargirl

Bargirls from Blue Nile bar

It’s a very naughty sight to see Filipina bargirls in wet t-shirts dancing around a swimming pool, but it is a thing of the past. Wet T-shirt contests were used to be held in Angeles City Philippines for many years, but they are gone. Angeles City is a town 80 miles north of the national capital Manila that boosts the countries largest red-light district with numerous agogo and blowjob bars. The desire of American GIs on the neighbouring Clark airbase turned Angeles City into a huge brothel. The GIs are long gone, but the red-light ditrict of Balibago is still there. However, the internet has propelled Angeles City to one of the most popular sex vacation destinations on the planet. This is probably the reason why wet t-shirt contests are no longer licensed as to avoid unwanted attention from the media.

wet t-shirt

Filipina bargirls dance for one of the last wet t-shirt contests in 2004. Wet t-shirt events were used to be held in Swagman hotel, Tropicana and inside Kokomos.

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