I just recently talked to the webmaster of FilipinaArchives.com. He is a half Russian and half Asian guy who shoots his own content in the Philippines where he is married to a lovely Cebuana Girl. He cried when I had him on the phone because he just published the last update of his favourite Filipina amateur model ‘Carmen’.

Carmen was one of his favorite models, but after 4 photo shoots she is no longer available because she has found a guy who wants to marry her and insists that she no longer poses nude on the internet. She looks like a fine gem so we wish her good luck for her future family plans. We hope she will get happy and have a lot of kids … I am sure her future husband will have a lot of sex with her taking her big assets in regard. In the meantime we hope the members of Filipina Archives, Filipina amateurs will enjoy her final set of images in peace and with great joy.

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