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Basic chat is free and if you take a cam model for a private chat it costs between 1.49$ and 1.99$, only. There are many other sites out there that still charge up to 6$, but Babe Cams has stayed at the same reasonable rates ever since they started.
Believe it or not, but many Asian girls that work as cyber models in chat studios are in reality looking for a foreign boyfriend. There are several known stories of American, European and Japanese men that got married to a chat girl to top off a sex vacation romance in the Philippines or Thailand.
Asian chat girls seem to be less greedy than their Western counter parts so it is easier to get along with them. Sometimes there might be slight communication problems, but they are more than willing to make up for it by putting up a great performance in chat rooms as well as in real live.
A hot chat with a cool Asian babe is a great thing to enjoy. It is entertaining, you learn alot about Asian women and you can be assured that the girls really appreciate you. Most of them will treat you like a movie star. Cool! You have to check it out, now.

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