It’s been a bit slow about Trike Patrol for the past year or so. When the Filipino porn site launched with drunk Filipina bargirls and the most original branding showing a motorcycle pickup theme it was a big Filipina sex scandal. Bar owners who thought the girls were their property because they worked as prostitutes in their bars went nuts. They went nuts because of the attention they got. While the girls got well paid for their performances in Trike Patrol porn movies, bar and brothel owners would have a hard time to admit most of their girls would have sex with sloppy old customers for just a share of less than 10 Dollars, while a shoot with Jimmy Regina’s crew would yield much higher. Guys from around the world flew to Angeles City in the Philippines to find the Filipina amateur pornstars as they wanted to have sex with them. Most of them were highly upset about how much they were exploited as they were working for very low barfines (a term used to define a prostitute’s salary that is shared with the bar/brothel)

naked Filipina
Sabrina, one of the newest Manila amateur talents for Trike Patrol. According to their producer, new talent is from Manila and not from Angeles City anymore.

Anyhow, it all comes down to the old moral: what’s better for Filipina bargirls? Make a porn movie and earn more in one afternoon compared to a Filipino worker’s monthly salary or work in a brothel/bar that does not even provide condoms for use for a mere fee of 10 bucks? Obviously, both is not really kosher, but it’s widely accepted and there are new Filipino girls taking up work in bars because they believe they have no other choice. There is a lot of new talent coming and Jimmy Regina set up new film crews to generate fresh Filipina sex movies for Trike Patrol. His site has been redesigned and features many new faces. Some older, lost episodes are added as well. It seems, Trike Patrol is back on track and we can expect more updates. The quality got better as well: most movies are in HD, now. This means the video window is at least 720 pix wide as compared to 460 in the past.

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