Maybe you all know of Thai Cuties, 88Square and others. These 3 sites show Thai girls in great nude photography similar to the old Asian4you. Most of the girls are well known cyber models like Irene Fah, Amara, Emily Ho and their likes. The nudes are outdoors what gives them a nice touch, but they lack high sharpness and contrast nude art and high-tech photography buffs could argue. Lately, I discovered Moon Angel. It is a website that shows the same Thai models, but in very sharp and crisp nudes. You can see every detail and the contrast is outstanding. Real professional stuff shot with pro equipment. It’s not as romantic, but technically superb. The webmaster of Moon Angel does not compress the images overly, they are left at a good file size to retain all details of the gorgeous Thai girls. Check them out. Moon Angel is a real great site if you like Asian high definition nudes with explicit details.

assunta Thai model
Assunta is one of the finest models on All her nudes are high definition photos.

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