Thailand and Indonesia in particular are well known for their massage parlors that offer the best body treatment in the world. Thailand is known for a very erotic art of the body therapy called: Soapy Massage. The typical 90 minute course is offered in ‘Turkish baths’. These are parlors that could best be described as brothels. The customer pics a Thai lady from a selection out of a fishbowl and follows her to a private room without windows. The therapist will soap an air mattress with a mix of oil and soap and massage your entire body with her own nude body. This is very joyful!
Now, around this setup, Soapy Massage, an Asian porn site produced with Asian pornstars in the USA, gives you a slight idea about the massages that you can expect in Turkish bath houses in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Body Massage
A lady rubs her big tits against a guys back to massage and stimulate, later she will use different body parts. Soap and oil are used as lubricants. Soapy massages aka as body massage are widely available in Thailand.

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