Trike Patrol

Yumi is the star of this week’s TP epsiode
manila amateur Corina

It’s not easy to find good quality sex movies from the Philippines. While chicks are cute, skills of producers and equipment fail to buzz. Once in awhile a new whiz kid shows up and surprises to the upside. In case you haven’t noticed already, Trike Patrol has hired a new porn genius who shoots superb Manila and Cebu porn with sweet, petite and cute Filipina amateurs. Each new movie shows a cool story line combining real Pinay sex economy with pump-and-squirt orgasms. It’s high performance bargirl and amateur hardcore by a guy who calls himself John Tron. Carnal action is provided in HD video with good lighting. Editing and use of different POV angles provides suspense like not seen since the first days of Trike Patrol scandals upsetting pimps and priests at the same time. Finally, there is some fresh spirit in Asia’s bargirl XXX showing great improvement from old fashioned suck-and-fuck episodes. Trike Patrol is making a solid turn to the positive! Congratz. Corina, left, does way more than just masturbating her Makati pussy while laying on the back. This shy and natural amateur turns out to be a true Asian sex machine in John Tron’s first TP episode.

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