I always thought that people who are interested in Filipino porn prefer the interracial mix between sexy Filipina girls and foreign men, but there is a good number of sites out on the market that show real Filipino hardcore with Filipino men and Filipinas having sex. The flagship of this category is a site called Filipino Fuck. The content on the site was shot between 2003 and 2005 by an American low budget producer and his Filipino crew. It is rumored that they ran into problems recruiting new models because their content was copied and brought back into the Philippines where it was sold on the black market and published in sex magazines like Sagad and Bomba. This all scared Filipino models to appear in future porn productions. The flow of new hardcore from the Philippines is definately slow, but Filipino Fuck offers vast archives of Pinay porn that even include threesomes and lesbian Filipinas.

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Alma Chua shows up on Filipino Fuck in a lesbian scene with another Filipina amateur.

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