Streetmeat couple

This is Nigel and one of his many girlfriends

According to news on popular Thai expat blog Stickman Weekly, British pornstar “Nigel” has passed away.

nigel cambodia
Nigel’s favorite position: surrounded by naked hookers.

In it’s column dated June 22,2014, Stickman writes about Nigel’s death being caused by skin cancer. The Irish gentleman was featured on many Thai bargirl porn sites like Asianstreetmeat dot com and most famously: Exploited Asian Teens. He filmed porn in Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines and was very keen to risky performances including unprotected anal sex with prostitutes. He became infamous for his groupsex scenes with Cambodian hookers from K11 brothel compound and highly perverted sex scenes with drunk Thai bargirls. Scenes included very dirty encounters. In one episode he is seen laying naked on a bathroom with a provider squatting on top of him leaving feces on his chest. While she went to the toilet to clean her bits, Nigel would play with her excrements on his body. Together with his Australian partner Eddie he once completed a sex scene with a Nana Plaza Bangkok bargirl where they continued having sex with her while she was vomiting. They gave her a bucket and continued with intercourse while she held her head inside the bucket. Around 2008 all controversial sex movies with him were taken offline and Nigel started using condoms for all future episodes. It was never explained why, but online communities accused him of spreading viral deceases, a claim that has neither been validated nor denied. Naughty Nigel was not the owner of any websites, but a paid performer with a monthly budget. He was often accused of being rude and careless, but most bargirls would say he was very kind, polite and a total gentlemen. In 2008 a widely published campaign started against Nigel. Some people found out many of his porn movies were not shot in Thailand, but in Cambodia. The heated debate came to an abrupt halt when a person from a non-government association confirmed they knew the Cambodian prostitutes. However, the person also said they tried to offer women rescue from prostitution, but they were not interested and returned back to work at brothels in Cambodia. Just one of the many stories about Nigel. RIP.

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