The Philippine government agency NBI recently raided the home of a Filipino porn blogger who ran a website called Bastos is a Filipino expression for naughty or indecent). The raid was televised on national TV and the site subsequently closed. Boybastos was a forum of guys talking about girls, sex and expensive cars and galleries with stolen and unauthorized porn movies and sex pictures. These were exposed to a wide Filipino audience without age verification. Senator Legarda, who is said to be one of the nominees for the upcoming presidential elections, decided to wipe out the site as the blogger repeatedly challenged her authority to do so. It looks like the blogger is down and out. He managed to stay out of the news after his site was taken down, but considering the type of illegal content he or his members had published, it is a good thing such a irresponsible webmaster is out of the game even if the circumstances indicate that it is a heavy blow against free speech in the Philippines.

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