Body painting was a hip thing in the nineties. Tolpess or nude girls got painted all over their body and presented at shows. In Angeles City, the night life capital of the Philippines, they were used to hold semi anual bodypainting contests at the infamous Swagman Hotel, a venue that was well known for it’s raunchy wet t-shirt contests. At both types of contests the hottest Filipina bar girls from Angeles City would compete for a price money of up tp 15,000 Piso.
Unfortunately these events are no longer exisiting as local authorities put a ban on all lewd shows and no longer issue permits. The only site on the net that still has images available is Wet T-shirt Filipina.

Bodypainting Angeles City with a Filipina bargirl
A Filipina bargirl at a body painting contest in Angeles City, Philippines
Image courtesy of: Migmo

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