Are you tired of Asian whore sites who use typical derogative terms for Asian women? But you still wanna see the girls and the reality and enjoy the Asian touch? Are there sites like that?
Well, it’s hard to find sites like that! Sites that portray Asian girls the way they are and still show a lot of nudity. One of the few sites that offers such value is Girls of Bangkok. The Bangkok girls are prostitutes, but they are portrayed in a very realistic and respectful way. I think you can say it is done in a very romantic way, too! Additionally to it’s pictorials and short movies the site gives access to accounts about the lives of Bangkok’s prostitutes, short time hotels in back alleys and the punter’s choices for quick Thai flesh in Bangkok. Girls of Bangkok is certainly a site that stands out of the typical cheap Asian bargirl content because of it’s outstanding photography and it’s valueable (…, but a bit dated) commercial sex information.

Bangkok Girls
Two Bangkok Prostitutes get ready for an erotic photo shoot in a cheap short time hotel along Sukhumvit Road

One of our newer posting about BKK escorts doing porn shows more insight into the dark side of Bangkok bargirls and their business with camcorder-ready customers.

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