You may assume that Asian Girls Next Door is a website dedicated to innocent Asian amateurs, but you are wrong. This site is much filthier than you would expect. It belongs to a guy nicknamed Sam Leong. If you know your way around in Singapore, you heard about a Sam Leong Street. It is bordering one of Singapore’s nasty red-light districts with female hookers working the streets to solicit for prostitution. AHA … now, you know! Asian Girls Next Door is a parade of hooker pix from the whorehouses of Singapore. Guys who book the girls for carnal pleasures from 40 to 200 Singapore Dollars shoot images with hidden cameras and cell phones while having sex in cheap hotel rooms. Some even prepare wrist watches and spycams for their sessions. Don’t expect great glamour or real Asian amateurs from this site, but some Asian whores from Singapore and Indonesia.

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