Girls of Cambodia

Supply of amateurs from Cambodia has been very slow over the past years. Actually, this is just our second post about sexy girls from Phnom Penh and as previously it's about sex workers (bargirls). The term bargirl is not as appropriate as for Thais or Filipina, because there are no gogobars and no barfine needs to be paid. Hookers are freelancers who hang out in popular tourist watering holes or discotheques similar to Vietnam, Malaysia and Orchard Towers in Singapore. Recently, Asian Sex Diary has started to publish articles about Cambodian girls and how to find them. It's reality based theme takes blogger John Tron to Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh two or three times a year. He researches meeting points and dating rituals with local girls, invites them for a dinner date and tells them what kind of businessmen he is: "I would like to have sex with you and make a movies. I can pay you well." Done deal.
When John signed the contract with Lang she presented him her passport as proof of her being 18 years of age. Her passport was from Vietnam. John learned later, many sex workers in Cambodia are Vietnamese women. They can earn money as prostitutes in Cambodia with a lot more privacy than in their home country as they do not need to be afraid of Vietnamese pimps who rule Saigon with fear and violence. In Cambodia they are free to do as they like. We published a censored image of prostitute Lang privacy reasons, but the producer didn't like her image going pubic: "Her pimp might recognize her big tits and hairy genital and ask her for the money from the movie". Her steamy sex movies are online with her real face. She is pretty.
See Vietnamese girls in Cambodia on this site as described above: Asian Sex Diary.

Halloween and Tacloban Typhoon

Funny Leyte camgirl on Halloween. her trash bag face was just a joke.

She scared the shit out of system administration of Asians 247 webcam portal on Halloween by using a webcam application that would replace her head with scary and funny images. System administrators were searching for a hacker, but they were relieved to know it was just one model who had played a Halloween joke on her friends. About 10 days later many Filipina camgirls went offline due to super typhoon Yolanda that devastated Tacloban City and wide parts of Leyte Island. Many camgirls are Visayan in origin with families still living in Leyte. However, most of them work out of apartments and studios in Manila, Cebu and Angeles City. Directing payments and donations to webcam girls might be one of the best ways to donate to families of Filipina girls you like. Certainly, they will appreciate all the help you can give them by funding your account and tipping as good as possible. Camgirls receive 50% of revenue from their shows that can be sent to their families in need who have been hit by typhoon Yolanda in November 2013.

Thai Teen Tussinee

A few weeks back a fellow Asian hardcore blogger named HornyAlf invited me to take a look at a site from a Thai solo girl network. It's a page about one Thai teen called Tussinee. She is described as a 18 year old college student from Bangkok with slim body, rather short height and curious to explore her sexuality in this Thai amateur online project. The Thai student has very strong facial attributes that underline her ethnic heritage. No doubt, she is a real Thai girl from Thailand and not one of these imported models from a Las Vegas strip club. Her Thai teen body could very well be used to make bronze statues for commercial sale in sex shops. There would be plenty of buyers for this fine piece of erotic work. Okay, her parents can be proud of her daughter, but how about her boyfriend? Well, her boyfriend thinks she just models part time for underwear. He doesn't know about her nude site as adult sites are blocked in Thailand. I am sure he would get a heart attack, when he would be able to login to her Thai girlfriend's site to see her all naked and masturbating on video and in countless photos sets. It's even worse for him: members of Tussinee's website are entitled to purchase a membership to her hardcore site. Yes, Tussinee does hardcore movies too, but her Thai hardcore site is not advertised in public. It's a privilege for members to upgrade.

Thai Teen Tussinee is one of very few Thai amateurs who perform on a solo girl project.

Selfshot Photos

About one year ago Filipina Sex Diary launched showcasing some very cute Manila amateurs and other Filipina teens who were shooting nudes and porn for a Canadian guy who calls himself John. If you look carefully through their photos you will find some unique selfshots. Those are photos taken by models while observing themselves in a mirror. There is nothing setup about this content. It's unique as girls have a natural approach finding the best angle to look at. Since the camera angle is always different from their own eye-point they realize how different they look when changing angles. That must be the main reason why Filipina girls like smart phones so much as they can take more selfshot girlfriend photos all day long. Well, it's not just popular with people in the Philippines, but all over the globe.

selfshot Filipina girl
Model of FSD trying to shoot her own photo with digi cam.

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Busty Thai Woman Discovered

For long time I was not impressed with women showing up on Thai sites. The other day this changed when looking at Muei from Tuk Tuk Patrol, a rather fresh amateur bargirl site with Bangkok and Pattaya talents. I have written my first impression here: Tuk Tuk Patrol Bangkok.

Muei is a Thai babe from gallery on She is one of the newest amateur Thai porn talents.

The site has had a very slow start and some of their early talents were rather unimpressive with the exception of the first five girls. However, the newest episodes improved a lot. My special attention went to Muei. She is a doll of a woman. She is not a teen, but a real woman. Big breasted, healthy looking, confident in appearance and sophisticated in her sexuality. She represents a typical Thai woman in her mid to late twenties that can capture a millionaire husband with the blink of an eye (remember "Farang Ding-Dong"?). But why does she do porn? You never know. Maybe she did not have enough money for condo rent or she had her iphone stolen. Going back to sex work for a week and making a bit of cash is just a job for women who have previously worked in bars or massage parlors.

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Back to California

Everything works in circles: Asian amateur online presence seems to be no different from this rule. When cyber sex established itself online during the mid nineties, Asian niche was dominated by Oriental women from North America, pre-dominantly adult stars and strippers from the valleys in California. After it became boring to look at same/same pornstar pussy every day, amateur niche with real Asians from Japan and South East Asia was established. However, over the past year Japanese, Thai and Filipino content has become somewhat boring and market seems to be over-saturated with cheap hookers made up as dolls. Is it time for Asian-American girlfriends? Looking at photos on Asian Porngasm, it's somewhat of an opportunistic opinion holding smutty merritt.

Naked Yoga
Petite Chinese women during naked Yoga in her house

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Bangkok Escorts do Porn

Authentic Asian escort porn is mostly marketed as bargirl smut, while in Europe and Japan escort hardcore is of similar quality to pornstar content. We love amateurs, so let's look at them as ladies of the night who venture out into Thai porn for the more rewarding adventure of money for sex. Or was is sex for money? Newly launched Tuk Tuk Patrol hits the market as one of the few good subscription based websites that are becoming a rare commodity. It's a very original site that Thailand sex lovers should appreciate. The first two girls, Tik and her sister, are great finds. Smooth sexy Thai girls who are adorable and good in bed. They perform many different positions and styles of sexual intercourse. Other scenes include rather scary freelance hookers from North Pattaya beer gardens. They are worn out, but very kind and pleasing love slaves. It's all reality and many information about sex in Thailand is provided. Nothing is made fancier than it is. Get hookers, amateurs and MILFs to view on a weekly basis if you care about this sort of hardcore porn from Thailand with Bangkok Escorts.

escort Bangkok
Naked Thai amateur Tik provides escort services. She ventures into her first 2 porn movies for Tuk Tuk Patrol.

Asian Pornstars

Been checking statistics and finding people searching for "dead Asian pornstar". Singaporean porn actress Felicia Tang who was murdered by her boyfriend in 2009 seems to be proper answer to this frequently asked question, but even Google's search engine makes this fact difficult to find as Asia Carrera pops up highest ranked in search results. Asia is still alive, it was her husband who was killed during a car accident in 2006. Iconic Asia Carrera is pretty much retired from shooting sex movies.

Naked photo from behind
From her old membership paysite: Felicia Tang of Singapore

However, this made me look into Felicia Tang a little more and she was one hot Singapore pussy. Too bad she was killed. Check her Wikipedia page for more details:
Felicia played in many big mainstream movies ascending her career as an import model for lingerie and bikinis. Her death was a big loss for Singapore community of topmodels. She will be remembered well.

Comeback of a Bargirl Pornstar

Shortly after Trike Patrol opened it's virtual doors to become undisputed number one Filipino porn site online, it's producer Jimmy Regina was still picking talents by hand and performing acts himself with juicy female talent. He had the two habbits: picking better looking girls than his partners and wearing dirty white sport socks during penetration in missionary and doggy-style positions. His best pick was Manila amateur Marilyn who was recruited while being a freelancer in Greenbelt Makati, a hangout for lazy girls looking for one-night stands with horny foreigners.

manila amateur
Left: Marilyn in Trike Patrol 2008. Right: as Claudia on Pi-Monger in 2012.

While writing a review on a Philippines Sex Guide entitled PI-Monger, I found recent photos of Marilyn. She changed her stagename to Claudia and still spreads her legs for money. A natural talent with sympathetic looks, great shape and next to perfect C-Cup boobs. PI Monger offers a spread of 48 nudes with Claudia posing totally naked on a hotel bed in Manila. Guys who want to pick her up, just need to visit Manila Bay Cafe in Manila's old center Ermita. It is a pub and restaurant with lots of Filipina girls who want to accompany foreigners as sensual courtesans to hotel rooms. It was previously named LA Cafe and has a long standing history for cheap Manila amateur hookers.

Busty Thai Lady

To be honest, I really don't like Thai girls that have any kind of tattoos. I think it takes away a lot from their natural beauty. I also don't like girls with implants for the same reason. But once and then I see a Thai girl like Lulu Sexbomb who has large implants and a tattoo on her stomach and I think she is looking pretty good. I don't know why, but her charming smile wins my heart. An I admit my dick gets hard when I see her close ups images of her completely shaved Thai vagina. She is completely hairless down there, even around her butt hole you see absolutely new hair. The images on her site are of very good, semi-professional quality and there are a lot of videos. If I recall correctly there is even one lesbian scene and you do get access to 3 other Thai solo girl sites like Tusinee and Tailynn.

busty thai
Lulu's solo site is online for about one year. She can be seen taking a bubble bath in one of the newest updates.

Fresh Pinay Pussy Every Day

Amazing news from the Philippines: a new Filipina sex scandal is about to break the news soon. A French-Canadian tourist released a Facebook-lookalike diary of his sex vacation in Angeles City, Manila and Cebu: Filipina Sex Diary. While its not uncommon for international punters to exploit sexual ramblings online, it is usually done in private forums and within closed communities of like-minded gentlemen. This new sex diary is a daily blow-to-blow account with videos, some of them taken with hidden cameras in girls' apartments, dormitories, hotels and shopping malls where he picks up his female prey. The story telling is amazing and the actual scandal is how easy those girls are. It's breezy to pick them up and ask for sensual satisfaction. The guy is not even shy about it. I think that's more than a scandal as your typical Manila TV celebrity. Once the public in the Philippines will become aware of this site, don't hold your breath to see Filipina Sex Diary online for much longer so better look at it now, while it's fresh and available. It's just a couple of days old and wanted to break news here first. Video quality and editing is of amazing quality for South East Asian porn and so far they keep up a good speed with daily intros. Will post a more detailed review once the first 3 or 4 months are filled with hairy Pinay amateur pussy.

Filipina Ethel
Ethel is one of the first Filipina amateur girls on daily FSD updates

Upscale Asian Nudes

Lot of Asian sex sites are not erotic at all. Poor quality porn with abused whores and amateur girlfriend snapshots without focus and lighting, questionable age verification and blatantly stolen content. Unfortunately, professionalism is low and producers of paysites have no respect for customer demands either. While talking to operators of Asian niche sites and asking why they don't improve online products I always happen to hear the same old excuse: 'surfers are content with our stuff. If they complain, we give them access to some other sites' and some other guys say 'guys who buy porn are stupid!' Well, so are most producers who produce porn in Asia. Sorry, to say that, but that's just the way it is. If you guys can't satisfy simple customer demand for quality and update frequency, visitors should get their clips for free on tubes and file sharing sites without paying a dime for them.

japanese model nude
Japanese model Mariko is one of Met Art's most popular Asians

Once in a while there are sites that stick out of the crowd like jewels surrounded by mud. And it's not always pure Asian niche sites that surprise with some of the hottest Asian babe content. The other day an old friend gave me an invitation to review Met Art - Most Erotic Teens. Met Art is a European nude art sites featuring hot models and amateurs in very sensual poses. All girls are beautiful and more importantly, photographers and video makers work with state-of-the-art equipment. All of them are very creative, many of whom are university graduates in art, literature or other fields. Some of them are world-famous artists who have published books or directed TV features.
While Met Art started out with Russian and East European models it has expanded to show sexy girls from all over the world with all ethnic backgrounds. Today, there is a vast variety of upscale Asians on Met Art. They are either second generation immigrants living in UK, France and Prague or genuine Asians from China and Japan. Some of their Chinese pussy shots look very intriguing.

Agnes B from CZ
Czech model Agnes is another popular Euro-Asian amateur

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Facebook Glitch on Asian Cams

camgirl from Asians 247
Filipina Camgirl Wetness 4u during a feature show. Her videos are online for VIP members.

Not too long ago it made the news: new Facebook features caused previously private user information to become public without people's consent. For some it was a scandal, for Facebook it was just a glitch. Shit happens. Something similar happened a couple of weeks ago with Asians 247, a well known Asian webcam portal featuring mostly Filipina women broadcasting live sex shows out of their homes. Due to a software upgrade some hosts saw all of their previously recorded cam shows and screen shots becoming available for free to VIP members. Normal settings should have just made those videos available that were marked as public. While models were alerted of this issue and had opportunity to check their settings, older models who are no longer active on the site still have their sex show videos online. It's good news for VIP members as they are able to watch several thousand of live sex shows from Thai and Filipina girls/couples with their subscription at no additional cost. Sometimes, glitches seem to be good news for users of webcams and Facebook. So many new things to explore when hell brakes out.

Nude Girlfriends from Thailand

manila amateur Corina

Thai girls are adorable. They are slim, in great shape, clean and proud Asian amateurs who - in many cases - make great girlfriends. While most Thais are shy, bargirls from Pattaya and Bangkok are less restricted when it comes to enjoy a lot of sex and posing for Asian nudes. So, it does not come as a surprise when commercial porn producers have spiffy and innovative ideas to ask other people do some work for their benefit without needing to pay for expensive production crew and modeling fees. Start up this new site: Submit my Thai Girlfriend. Mainly sex tourists and British sexpats who visit or live long time in Pattaya submit images of naked Thai bargirls from their one-night stands to this new site. Most girls who are shown in teaser photos are pretty cute, appearing a bit above market average for intimate Thai bargirl insiders.

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Quality Filipina Sex

manila amateur Corina

It's not easy to find good quality sex movies from the Philippines. While chicks are cute, skills of producers and equipment fail to buzz. Once in awhile a new whiz kid shows up and surprises to the upside. In case you haven't noticed already, Trike Patrol has hired a new porn genius who shoots superb Manila and Cebu porn with sweet, petite and cute Filipina amateurs. Each new movie shows a cool story line combining real Pinay sex economy with pump-and-squirt orgasms. It's high performance bargirl and amateur hardcore by a guy who calls himself John Tron. Carnal action is provided in HD video with good lighting. Editing and use of different POV angles provides suspense like not seen since the first days of Trike Patrol scandals upsetting pimps and priests at the same time. Finally, there is some fresh spirit in Asia's bargirl XXX showing great improvement from old fashioned suck-and-fuck episodes. Trike Patrol is making a solid turn to the positive! Congratz.

Corina, left, does way more than just masturbating her Makati pussy while laying on the back. This shy and natural amateur turns out to be a true Asian sex machine in John Tron's first TP episode.

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