A fellow blogger made me aware of a website that most of you probably never heard of: Best Teens. This site specializes in teen sex with 18 to 20 year old teens. It’s a mix of western girls and a large amount of Thai teens. A lot of fresh faces and it seems that most of the Thai girls are true first timers to making love in front of a camera. The guy running the site is filming and acting himself in all the videos. It’s incredible how many barely legal teens from around the world he has laid with his Swedish steel rod and many of them are gorgeous and natural – total girlfriend material as experts would say (if I could call myself an expert – that would be LOL). It’s a nice change from all the nasty hookers that can be seen all over the other Thai porn sites with more sensuality in combination with a bit of voyeurism. It’s a site with a different concept, just nice to observe the difference to commercial Thai porn.

Thai Dee
Dee is a first time amateur from Best Teens. She and a lot of her Thai teen friends can be seen in first time POV sex acts.

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