Thai girls are usually shaven very cleanly, but Rin Darin seems to be a nice exception from this rule. We found Rin on the Asian model site 88 Square, where she can be seen masturbating her hairy Thai pussy with a Acrylic dildo. To have pleasure with acrylic dildos is pretty tricky, because they are very hard and not flexible at all. The little trick is to put them into luke watm water before you use them to experience the warm sensation of a rock hard penetration. I think that’s what Rin Darin did, when she handled that transparent dildo. It’s always great to see close ups of Thai girls musturbating with acrylic dildos because the acryl glas acts like a magnifying glas. It’s like you can look inside the pink vagina and observe the structure or the genital details. Everything is visible far deep inside the female genital depending on the angle of the dildo and the amount of indruding light. Funny to see one or another pubic hair getting in between the friction of the glas and the tender female skin while moist runs down to her pretty anus.

hairy thai Rin Darin
Thai Model Rin Darin masturbates her hairy vagina on the Asian model site 88 Square.

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