The website Thai Coeds is around for an eternity. It features Thai girls having sex with white guys. Most of the Thai ladies are fairly attractive and in their early twenties – as most Thai babes they are shaven. Just a few weeks ago they completely revamped the site and it is much easier to navigate, now. It’s full of Thai college girls who sideline as cyber models or massage parlor attendants. The site gives not only access to Thai girls, but also to a network of Asian Bootleg sites that includes Filipina and Indonesian girls as well as Hawaiian porn with celebrity adult stars from the Pacific islands. I will need to review their Hawaiian site soon to give you better insight into the sex scene of Honolulu and Waikiki. In the meantime bear with me as I will be on vacation for about a week before I come back to write a new post about teen Asian chix. Hope my sunburn won’t be as bad as last year.

Thai coed
A topless Thai girl on the casting couch for the Asian Bootleg website network.

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