Some Thai girls look like they are perfectly trimmed because their hair above the entrance of their vagina grows strong while it seems to build up less on the side and is about to vanish further down. Once your get closer as you can see on Bee’s images you see a lot of long pubic hair between the rectum and the vagina, specially if you have a beautiful nude picture where the Thai girl shows off her butt and vagina while sitting in a doggy style position. It is just a little, but the hairs grow very strong and long. This part on the side and bottom of the Thai vagina can become very sticky once the babe gets horny and body fluids like vaginal outflow, sweat and KY gel mix up. Best thing to make the liquids thinner and less sticky is to use some saliva 🙂 Tasty!

thai babe bee
Bee is just one out of many Thai girls that can be seen on She can be seen masturbating with a large vibrator.

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