“If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”. And nothing else. And, actually, don’t bother with the flowers either. Now, although the US of A churns out one hell of a lot of porno, one thing that most Americans are still distinctly fidgety about is public nudity. However, there are, of course, different types of public nudity. And the type that Nude in SF specialises in is the type of outrageous street nudity that leaves people open-mouthed in shock wherever on the planet they happen to hail from.

There are limits, though, naturally. The girls here aren’t milling round in teeming crowds a lot of the time. The places are public, but often there’s only a smattering of people around, enough to make sure that no-one takes offence and puts a stop to the fun. But there’s still an impressive variety to the locations, including public parks, the bay, the city and the suburbs. The images are a mixture of candid-style walking shots and some posed photos too. What I most liked about the photos is that the girls are totally naked (this isn’t a flashing site), and the fact that the models look like hip amateurs rather than porn stars.

Korean wife

Walking around San Fraciso’s street nakedly

Perhaps uncharitably, I didn’t expect the quality of the photography to be quite as stunning as it is. In fact the images are crisp, perfectly rendered 1752×2628 resolution photos that really do look sensational. The video content is nowhere near as strong, however: the three clips offered to date, while on-theme, feature somewhat shaky camerawork and pretty lowly picture quality.

23 girls are featured so far, which may not sound like a lot, but that’s 23 more than I could convince to undress and go wandering around a city to be gawped at by all and sundry. The number of images per model ranges from less than fifty to close to a thousand, all depending on the number of naked walks they’ve undertaken. One interesting feature is that details are given of the exact route taken by the models, and a brief description provided about what happened during the shoot, including the reactions of the people the girl encountered. This information is then fed into a clickable interactive map which gives a geographical representation of the action.

That aside, the design and navigation is pretty ordinary. The only means of browsing is via the model index, and the site looks quite simple. ZIP files should also be available on a site so dominated by photo content. Nonetheless this is a charming small-scale operation, whose popularity is evidenced by the well patronised forum where stories of exhibitionism from SF locals and others from further afield are exchanged. Overall, this is a unique, interesting, honest and high quality site – cherish it, because there aren’t many around. And just look at that price.

Visit: www.nudeinsf.com

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