Her name is Carmen and she has some of the biggest Filipina boobs that you can see on the internet. This Pinay amateur was only seen on one site before and some of her images are used for marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, Carmen is no longer modeling because she got married and her Filipino husband does not want her to model nude again. What a pitty. Have fun with the few images of this hairy Filipina bombshell amateur that are still available for viewing. We will let you know when we find more from her. BTW, if you wonder why she is not smiling? She had a tooth extracted before the photoshoot and was shy to reveal her sexy gap.
Her mate Jen modeled the same day competing for biggest breasts and most dense bush in the country. It is up to you to figure out who won the contest.

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Carmen is a one time amateur Filipina bombshell with a extremely hairy vulva

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