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R'n'B song blast the floor filled with bikini clad dancers. The VIP rooms are a lot more fun they say. What's going on behind

Thai Coed

Sidelining in bars and karaoke joints, Bangkok's students are an amazing find in the capital's hospitality industry.

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A fellow blogger made me aware of a website that most of you probably never heard of: Best Teens. This site specializes in tee

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They are lazy and often fall asleep during work. Filipina Magic models are some of the worst performers observed on webcams in

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Imagine you have a girlfriend as tight as her? Wouldn't you try to put her photos up into FHM or Playboy magazines?

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Tia is a petite Thai girl of 19 years and she operates a Thai porn site together with her French boyfriend. It’s not jus

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Lazy brown fucking machines just need to lay on their back and let you play with them. Dark skin to die for.

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Filipino Fuck was one of the prime sites for Filipino hardcore porn. I am not talking about sexy Pinay softcore nudes, but rea

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I guess all of you guys hear of Asian Babe Cams, the largest Asian chat girl portal with LBFM girls from the Philippines and T

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It’s probably the most famous Asian camgirl site with Filipina camgirls: Asian Babe Cams. Just recently, Babecams have b

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Actually, I hate to cover anything related to Asian Schoolgirls because most of the teens who are supposed to be hot girls fro

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I am pretty sure this new Filipino sex site Pleasure Me Asia will be called a big Filipina sex scandal by print media and TV i

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Lots of single guys visit Thailand for the sole purpose of finding a temporary girlfriend for a steamy beach vacation. Sleepin

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It has become very calm and flow of new Filipina nudie talent is limited to just a couple of sites that keep using the same gi

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Thai women earned their reputation as exotic Asian love machines, but to be honest, I find it difficult to find good looking T

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Chesty icon of Thai adult video who makes headlines ever since she started taking off her undies for money.

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Filipina Lucy is one of those Asian girls that can not make up her mind. Is she beautiful or not? Does she want to have sex or

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Japanese and Filipina girls have the best boobs in Asia. The left images show the perfectly shaped breasts of a Japanese babe

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From western point of view Thai girls have funny names. Translated to English they have funny meanings like animals or everyda

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One of the most underrated Asian babe sites is called Asia Nude 4U (sorry, it’s out of business, now). It features sexy

Born in the USA

Bruce Springsteen’s famous hit theme ‘Born in the USA’ could well apply to this new website with Orientals:

Sampaguita Nancy Ho

If you like flowers you know that Sampaguita is a very beautiful orchid with a very sweet fragrance. Look at the picture below

Naked Thai Super Models

In reference to my older post about stage names of Thai models I must report the referred site went offline. Here is a short l

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Busty Joyce is a Filipina amateur from Angeles City. In 2004 she was hired as one of the first Filipina camgirls for Asian Bab

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Unfortunately, most cam sites just categorize their models by ethnicity, gender and other superficial characteristics. Even mo

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This is Nigel and one of his many girlfriends According to news on popular Thai expat blog Stickman Weekly, British pornstar &