When you read the lies on some of the Asian porn sites one could really vomit about all the shit that is written on them. Let’s take Alma Chua for example. She is a Filipina amateur with big boobs – and that’s it. Some of the sites claim that she is a big Filipina porn star who can be seen on Filipino TV and newspapers and who is a celebrity, now. It’s all bullshit! She is just another bargirl who was discovered by an amateur photographer who was producing photo and video content in the Philippines for a few years. The photographer known as prostock has vanished and new images of Alma Chua are unknown of. However, Alma Chua can still be seen on websites like Teen Filipina.
When you travel to the Philippines don’t expect to see her on billboards or on publicly sold dvd covers. The only place you can see her is on the web and on pirated dvds that are ripped off of internet sites.

alma chua
Busty Filipina Alma Chua is just an amateur asian, but not a porn star as some websites try to make you believe.

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