It’s hard to find some fresh new teen smut from Thailand these days. Either it’s the same old nude amateur photos we have seen so many times or it’s just stolen images. That’s one of the reasons why I posted a little less over the past couple of months. However, today I received an email from a guy asking for advertising space for a banner for his new site Thai Girls Wild. I had a look and saw many fresh faces of cute Thai teen babes that look very new to me. What a nice surprise. If you have ever been to Bangkok or Phuket and dated a Thai girl you know those girlies are crazy. They like to party, drink, have sex, watch TV and have sex again. It’s pretty rough on an old guy like myself, but for party animals in their 20 and 30ies who come to Thailand for a crazy sex vacation this is pretty much how wild it gets. The Thai sex site is pretty much like a Asian version of the infamous American smut video series Girls gone Wild, but with a more intimate and private touch. I would guess most of those nudes and sex tapes were leaked by foreign boyfriends and some girls just sold their stuff to make quick coin. Some are probably bargirls, but they also make wild Thai girlfriends.

teen thai ass
This Thai teen got so horny she could only slide down her panties for a quick sex session. Her boyfriend takes an apres-sex trophy shot of her happy face and ass. Totally sweet!

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