Asian porn producers use a lot of strong language. They are rude and their raw comments are very degrading for females (and shemales). Like almost every every porn guy uses the word whore or hooker for a women even if they are no prostitutes. I guess they think that all girls that take off their clothes have to be hookers. I certainly don’t agree with this disrespectful attitude, but as a fact there are a couple of Asian hardcore site on the market that use real life prostitutes for their porn movies. One of the best examples: Bangkok Street Hookers! This Thai hardcore site is around 3 or 4 years old and presents real Thai prostitutes from Bangkok in Thai hardcore movies. It’s pretty much the same thing as what regular sex tourists do when they visit Bangkok. First they visit a gogo bar in one of the red-light districts and on the way home they pick up a street walker and take them home for a night of casual sex in the privacy of their hotel room. The guys from Bangkok Street Whores are no different. They do exactly the same thing. Sometimes they bring their buddy along with a professional camcorder and a digital camera, but when they are to drunk, they just do the sex thing and kick the whore out after they spoiled their juices 2 or 3 times without the use of a condom. You shouldn’t do that yourself as STDs are a big threat! They make HIV tests with their performers, but still it sounds a bit scary to have sex with a Thai prostitute without the use of a condom. At least it’s safe to look at it. Looks like the guys are having fun with the street hookers off Bangkok’s broadwalks.

nude bangkok girl
A nude street walker from Bangkok waiting on short time love hotel bed for the start of her first porn shoot.

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