It’s well known that the USA is a country build by immigrants of various ethnic backgrounds. While the founders of the country were of European heritage the majority of new immigrants in the past decades has come from Asia: Filipinos, Korean, Vietnamese and their likes love to move to the US to find their American Dream come true. Of course, this means there is an abundance of Asian model talent available as Andrew Slater of SF Bay Models shows (Editor: site discontinued in 2010 – it’s domain is no longer active). Andrew is taking advantage of the high density of Asians who are living in California and shooting Asian females for his site that features Asian nudes of around 175 models who are mostly Asian girls in their mid twenties. Most of them are genuine Asian-American amateurs who have never modeled for nudes before. A few of his girls have had decent modeling background. It’s an unusual new approach of an American photographer to shoot Asian nudes with real amateurs since most other US websitSF Bay Models you see fresh new faces that love to show off their Asian girlie and lady bits. The amount of over 224,000 images is a very impressive quantity that is rarely found on any other nude modeling site.

sf bay nude
One of Andrew Slaters Asian American amateurs from SF Bay Models

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