Imagine to live in Taiwan or China and you are a shy Chinese guy. All those sexy Chinese girls in the malls and on the streets. But you are not rich enough to treat them for a meal and you can’t afford a quick fix with a Chinese escort or back alley Shanghai hooker either. To bad there are no Chinese porn sites on the internet. How to get your fix? Why not look at Beauty Leg? It’s a Taiwanese adult site showing clothed Chinese girls with long legs and high heels in seductive poses. They are slim, in good shape and with cute doll faces. Actually, with a little bit of fantasy one could imagine them in steamy sex after the Edison Chen scandal porn images that leaked on the internet about a year ago. For me it’s kind of hard to imagine, most of them have very hairy Chinese Pussy below their pantyhose. Their tight outfit would suggest they are all shaved Chinese women. I guess we will never know and the poor Chinese wankers won’t either. That’s life for us poor guys who sit in front of the computer with a constant boner for Chinese pussy. Oh, still interested in long Chinese legs … check Youtube for Beauty Leg. They show video clips of many leggy Taiwan girls.

beauty leg taiwan
Sexy Chinese girls from Taiwan with long legs represent the most pornographic erotica on the Taiwanese internet. It’s one of the most popular Taiwanese babe sites. They are pretty Taipeh models.

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