I am not a big fan of Japanese porn, because many sites are either censored or the hardcore action is simply to bad with short dicked Japanese guys that can’t get their tool into position without using electrical toys for stimulation – but Japanese girls rock! However, there are a few less known Japanese porn sites around that are pretty decent or at least unique. One of them is JAV Hardcore. It’s gives another meaning to the word JAV as the A stands for amateur as well as adult. The actresses on this site are less known and the setup is far less commercial than on similar themed internet offers from Tokyo and Okinawa. JAV Hardcore is not censored and has a bit of an voyeuristic approach where sex takes place in everyday situations, during an office break or while riding in the back of a Japanese car, etc. Everything is less staged than from the glossy studios who spend to much effort on decoration and makeup to satisfy phantasies rather than showing the pure raw Japanese sex from it’s most natural side.

japanese amateur
A Japanese girl gets her hairy vagina teased during a cab drive in Tokyo city.

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