The 19 year old Chinese born American porn actress Evelyn Lin is known and respected as one of the biggest Asian-American porn talents of the XXX industry in the LA Valley. She already in appeared in around 100 adult scenes. Her fame might be related to her own vivid sexual live as she revealed in a recent article on The Naughty American. The interviewer actually confronted Evelyn Lin with the fact that her father back in China found out about her daughters carreer as she became a famous adult star. Due to the censorship in China it took awhile to get to him, but he was not very enlighted to see his daughter have sex with a lot of different guys on screen. But he showed a lot of understanding and it looks like they both have a lot of respect for each other. He hopes that his wife and Evelyn Lin’s mother and other family members will not find about the porn movies. It’s kind of hard to imagine that this will work out, but we wish them good luck. If you are interested to see a porn clip with the spiffy Chinese porn diva, check out Mister Chew’s Asian Beaver.

Evelyn Lin
Evelyn Lin is the only Chinese adult porn star in the US. The 19 year old star has played in over 100 porn movies for DVD distribution and internet usage.

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