It’s awhile ago that I made a sex vacation in Bangkok’s red-light district Patpong. I happened to meet this Canadian and a French guy who revealed to me they were shooting porn movies in Thailand. I joined them for a tour through the agogo bars and while crossing the street they greeted one of the sexiest ladies I ever encountered. Her name was Kitty and she was accompanied by a huge guy, a bodybuilder with a mean face. She said to my two friends ‘this is the guy who called me last night’ and giggled. The bodybuilder seemed to get very angry and looked even meaner and my friends took off and told me to get out of here as fast as possible. Luckily the muscle machine was not very bright.
Once we were in a Taxi and on our way to another red-light district they told me that they were shooting Kitty last night for a porn scene on Asian Apple Seed. They were shooting an anal scene with her when her cellphone rang and she answered. It was her boyfriend and he wanted to know where she was as he was waiting for her. It was his birthday. I think he got suspicious when he heard the moaning and the banging noises of a guy’s balls hitting Kitty’s ass 3 times every second. This story is real and not a fairy tale! Click the image to see sample images of a scene. Kitty is an excellent lay!

thai kitty
Kitty sends a text message before the Thai porn shoot that she is shopping, but her boyfriend calls in during a anal porn scene. What a surprise!

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