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Felicia became a very popular nude glamour model after her immigration to the United States of America.

Been checking statistics and finding people searching for “dead Asian pornstar”. Singaporean porn actress Felicia Tang who was murdered by her boyfriend in 2009 seems to be proper answer to this frequently asked question, but even Google’s search engine makes this fact difficult to find as Asia Carrera pops up highest ranked in search results. Asia is still alive, it was her husband who was killed during a car accident in 2006. Iconic Asia Carrera is pretty much retired from shooting sex movies.

Naked photo from behind
Image From her old membership paysite: Felicia Tang of Singapore

his made me look into Felicia Tang a little more and she was one hot Singapore pussy. Too bad she was killed. Check her Wikipedia page for more details: Felicia played in many big mainstream movies ascending her career as an import model for lingerie and bikinis. Her death was a big loss for Singaporean import/export model community of topmodels. She will be remembered well. How could you possibly forget about her?

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