I guess you know there are a lot of Asian girls in the USA and all guys are chasing them because for obvious reasons Asian girls are more desirable than normal American girls. Ha, don’t call me a racist. I just observe that Asian girls have many more admirers than white or ebony ladies, probably because of their tight rack and silky hair (just a guess). But anyhow, it’s pretty tough to score with an Asian beauty in the good old US, so there is a cool alternative: rent an Asian escort! Yes, that’s correct. You can rent the company of a lovely Asian girl for a night or just a couple of hours. A couple of hundred bucks and the Asian escort is all yours. How about starting with a dinner date and ending the night in a romantic setting like a luxury hotel suite with a jakuzzi? There are a good number of escort agencies throughout the USA who specialize in Asian girls. Check out this link with Asian escorts on the USA Sexguide. Once you decide on an escort you like, you can cross check her references with previous customers on The Erotic Review, an escort review board where gentlemen publish reviews about their escort experiences. In case you are in New York, you are lucky. Plenty of Asian escorts inside the Big Apple just like this agency: New York Oriental.

asian escorts
Screen shot of an Asian escort site from New York.

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