Everybody who has ever dated a Filipina girl knows that they are the greatest girlfriends in the world. Always funny and more than happy to please their romantic boyfriends, but there is one thing they usually don’t like: anal sex! I don’t know why. Maybe because they think it’s dirty?! Anyhow, it’s almost impossible to find a Filipina girl to perform anal sex. Most hookers and bargirls would not even do it. That’s what I thought until a few days ago until I learned you have to take a small detour to teach them how to do anal. I was watching this camgirl on Asian Babe Cams the other day and she said she wanted to show me anal … just a few seconds later she was all nude and showing me her ass. A few seconds later she fingered her anus and while a was pulling my pants down she already insterted her entire hand up to her wrist inside her dark back hole. I wasn’t even hard and she took this huge black dildo and stuffed it into her rectum. I was totally speechless! But that brings me to a plan on how I can find a new Manila amateur to perform anal sex. I just ask her to use her fingers or a dildo first and when she likes it I can use my own tool. It’s worth a try 🙂 And if that does not work I can still go back to that Asian camgirl and get her number.

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Filipina anal dildo session from Asian Babe Cams as seen a few days ago in private chat. Sorry, had to blur it a bit as Asian4you is not a porn site LOL.

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